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Wriststrap tester WRISTLAB PRO

Wriststrap tester WRISTLAB PRO

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The WRISTLAB PRO wriststrap tester can be part of a test station to simultaneously verify the correct grounding of the wriststrap and footwear in accordance with the IEC 61340-5-1 standard. Wall anchoring using magnetic feet that allow quick release from the station and the possibility of internal power supply with a 9V battery (not included in the package), make the device portable and easy to calibrate.

The wriststrap tester can be purchased with a separate shoe testing plate (9264.965), stand-up support with footplate (9264.953), and an ISO9000 certificate (9264.927). You can find all of them for this product in the Accessories tab.

The tool has the following features:
• Extremely clear and intuitive interface.
    After the personal protection measurements are finished, the resistance measured on the wrist will be displayed on the left display, and the resistance of the shoes will be displayed on the right display. If the test (PASS) is successful, the LED in the center lights up green. Otherwise, if the test fails (FAIL), the LED will turn red. A beep will also be heard to better distinguish whether the test result is PASS or FAIL.
• It has an internal thermohygrometer that knows the RH/T values ​​of the environment, which are basic parameters for a better evaluation of the measurement results.

The device also includes a visual and acoustic alarm.
The tests are carried out in accordance with the IEC 61340-5-1 standard.
Test voltage 50V or 100V for higher measurement accuracy.

There are usually four measurement modes in ESD test stations:

  •WRISTSTRAP ONLY (wristlab)
  •HANDS FREE (HF); the touch pad is not used, the measuring current flows from one foot to the other and the sum of the resistances of both shoes is measured.
WristLab-Pro presents an additional measurement mode called HANDS FREE PLUS (HF+). In the HF+ measurement, the operator first tests the footwear in Hands Free mode and then decides whether to step off the platform and complete the test, or insert the wristband connector and touch its own metal plate to make a "WRISTSTRAP AND SHOES" measurement, where the value of the shoes marked individually and no longer with the brand of two in total.
HF+ offers a more flexible solution, which is the responsibility of a trained operator.


Measurement ranges::
Wrist strap: 50KΩ - 2GΩ
Shoes - each shoe 50KΩ - 2GΩ
Shoes - in series (Hands Free mode) 50KΩ - 2GΩ
Measurement accuracy: 10%
Test voltage: 50V/100V (optional) ±10%
Humidity range: 1 to 95% RH
Resolution on: 0.1% RH
Accuracy: ±2% RH
Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C
On resolution: 0.1°C
Accuracy: ±1°C
Display: 2 x (graphic LCD, 102 x 64 pixels, 34 x 23 mm)
Dimensions: 156x110x57mm
External power supply: DC 12V/100mA, jack 2.1mm (mains adapter is included in the package)
Power supply: 9V battery (battery not included)
Weight: 430 g

All bracelets should be checked daily.

Code: 9264.965
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