S3X-72M -0,8 mm-500 g

S3X-72M -0,8 mm-500 g

Code S3X-72M-0,8
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Alloy: SnAg3,0Cu0,5 (SAC305)
Melting point: 217 - 219°C

Flux content: 3.2 %
Halide content: < 0,01% (ROL0)

Lead-free solder wire of SAC305 alloy and newly developed flux 72M. Compared to the previous version 70M, it has better wettability, less smoke and very bright solder residues. The solder is suitable for robotic contact soldering but also for laser soldering. The minimum number of activators (class ROL0) ensures maximum cleanliness and surface resistance and is therefore also suitable for automotive applications.
S3X-72M is an environmentally friendly product that does not contain any banned SVHCs under EU REACH or ROHS.


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