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PCB Milling machine with automatic tool change

PCB Milling machine with automatic tool change

Code 4MILL300ATC
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- Compact milling and drilling machine
- Extreme accuracy
- OEM controll SW
- Automatic tool change

The 4MILL300ATC is technically equivalent to the 4MILL300, but it has 12 possitions toolchanger and spindle with pneumatic clamp. This is our most popular machine. The combination of automatic toolchanging, high precission and possibility to make dozens of jobs makes this machine one of a kind. This machine has an extremelly high precission and has all the required features and accessories to produce Printed Circuit Boards in an easy and fast way. But this machine can do a lot more: Machining of small electronic cabinets and front pannels just two names of examples. The 4MILL300ATC is an excellent choice for every development or design lab as well as for departments and companies that must keep PCBs designs inside their own labs for security reasons. Small product runs and prototypes can be easily fabricated fully unattended with extremely high accuracy.



Excellent accuracy
The 4MILL milling machine is equipped with precise guide screws with precise nuts preventing the backlash effect. Therefore, we are able to guarantee high machining accuracy!

Production of double-sided PCBs
The 4MILL300 milling machine is basically equipped with an aluminum work table, which has one T-slot in the middle. The T-slot is equipped with stones provided with pins, which on the one hand serve for a secure attachment of the milled PCB and on the other hand guarantee accurate mirroring after turning the material during the production of double-sided PCBs.

Milling depth adjustment with micrometer accuracy
Precise depth adjustment is important for fine letter engraving as well as PCB milling. For perfect results, it must be possible to set the milling depth in the micrometer range. 4MILL300 has a unique milling head with micrometric adjustment. This milling head also has an integrated suction chamber for dust extraction.

60,000 rpm, high-precision spindle
For a precise path or for milling very fine objects, it is necessary to have a device with a precise spindle and high speed. Replacing milling tools is quick and easy thanks to the lock nut.

The best software on the market
All milling machines are delivered including their own TrackMaker software. Data preparation for PCB milling is very easy thanks to the intuitive user interface. No previous experience with programming or control of CNC machines is required. Thanks to TrackMaker, you can import and edit your gerber data. TrackMaker will then design the milling method itself, including the design of milling and drilling tools. You can also change the toolpaths and the tool itself as needed.



Standard milling tool 0.2-0.5mm .... 2pcs
Standard milling tool 0.1-0.15 mm ... 1pc
Contouring cutter - 2mm .... 1pc
Double-edged PCB finishing cutter - 1mm ... 1pc
Drill - 0.6mm ... 1pc
Drill - 0.8mm ... 1pc
Drill - 1mm ... 1pc
Drill - 1.5mm ... 1pc
Drill - 3mm ... 1pc
Single-sided laminate FR4, 35/0, format A5 ... 5pcs
Double-sided laminate FR4, 35/35, format A5 ... 5pcs
Base drilling material, format A5 ... 2pcs
Material for PCB cleaning after milling .... 1pc



Working area                 X 230/210 Y / Z 50 mm
Clamping area               X 220 / Y 150 mm
Resolution                     1.875 μm
Repeatability                 2 μm
Drilling speed                120 strokes / min
X / Y drive                     Stepper motors
Z drive                          Stepper motor   
Spindle speed               60,000 rpm
Working table                Table with a central T-track
Tool change                 Automatic - 12 positions (pneumatic pliers)
Pliers                         1/8 "standard, others available as optional accessories
Milling head                 Floating, adjustable with a precision micrometer
Dimensions                 W 455 / L 455 / H 455 mm
Weight                         45 Kg
Power supply                 230 V, 50Hz
Supplied TrackMaker software


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