Paste SB6N58-M500SI, Low melting point. Halogen-free

Paste SB6N58-M500SI, Low melting point. Halogen-free

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Low melting point 202 - 206 ° C
Alloy composition: Sn / Ag3.5 / Bi0.5 / In6.0 / Cu0.8
The flux complies with the Halogen Free requirement (Cl + Br = 0 ppm) according to BS EN14582

Particle size: 20-38 microns (type 4)
Flux content: 11.1% ROL0, No-Clean
Halogen-free: 0%
Tack time : > 48h
Lead-free solder paste, package 500g


• Bismuth and Indium in the alloy lower the melting point of the paste

• Indium increases resistance to heat stress and aging and creates highly reliable joints without cracks

• Guarantees excellent continuous printing with very fine spacing (0.4 mm / 16 mils) and CSP (> 0.3 mm) for applications with normal to fast printing (20 ~ 80 mm / s) and long downtime.

• Indium contained helps the solder alloy thermal stress resistant and prevents occurrence of cracks in the solderjoints.

• Suffers LESS DEFORMATION by heat and retains reliability in a severe application environment.

• Ensures OUTSTANDING continual PRINTABILITY with super fine pitch (0.4mm/16mil) and CSP (>0.3mm dia.) applications for normal to fast
printing (20 ~ 80mm/sec.) and long stencil idle time.

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