Ionising bar 600 mm


Ionising bar 600 mm

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Ionizing bar with air blowing and remote control.
Alarm output and remote control via RMS system
Length 660 mm and number of emitters 13.

Ionizing rod for removing charge on conveyors or moving objects. Each emitter generates both positive and negative ions. Automatic offset offset to +/- 30V. Remote control for basic functions. Signal output of alarm in case of MV source failure. Signal input for frequency and working period setting (40-70%).
With the optional RMS software (Real Monitoring System), the user can control and control up to 256 ionization bars or other used Sunje ionizers.

Package includes:
- Ionizing bar (600 to 3200 mm - by type)
- Remote controller
- 10 m power cable with RJ-45 connector
- 10 m signal cable with RJ-45 connector

In particular, it is necessary to order 7520.SIB3.SBP.RD, which can supply up to 4 ionization bars at a time.

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