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Cabinet Ghibli PRO / 700L + Heating

Cabinet Ghibli PRO / 700L + Heating

Price for pcs
5 005,00 € 6 006,00 € with VAT
Code 8106.837
Availability 1 - 3 weeks

Ghibli PRO / 700L case with heating to 40 ° C, ESD design suitable for EPA.
580x767x1755 mm, 5 shelves
In accordance with IPC / JEDEC J-STD-033

Easy to use: It's "plug and play" system. Simply plug in the power supply without further adjustment and the cabinet will stably keep the relative humidity below 5% (5% relative humidity is guaranteed, but the cabinets easily reach 2% Rh). Dehumidification units consistently operate at the highest power and are not controlled by any feedback from the devices. This system prevents dangerous problems due to instrument failure or inaccuracy in hygrometers.

Easy calibration: Inside each cabinet, a portable hygrometer (DryLogger 9265.302) is visible through the upper door glass. You can easily send it for calibration at any time - the cabinet will continue to work at its best. The DryLogger portable hygrometer can measure RH and temperature values ​​at several points inside the cabinet and can record H / T values ​​and transfer data to a computer for graphing and analysis. It is made for measuring very low humidity and can also be used for applications outside the cabinet.

Modular design: Dehumidification modules can only be easily removed with a screwdriver. This allows for easy repair and guarantees a long service life of the cabinet (more than 20 years) as long as the metal structure lasts. Practical handles with a key lock on all doors.

Technical specifications:
Humidity range: guaranteed up to 5% RH, typical <2% RH
External dimensions: 580x767 x (H) 1755 mm (without support legs)
Door opening: 520 x 755 mm
Weight: 128 Kg
Number of shelves: 5 pcs, height adjustable, size 1090 x 605 x 18 mm
Cabinet material: 1.2 mm thick carbon steel with adjustable legs
Doors: magnetic, hermetic closure with key, handle and antistic glass
Ground wire: 1 cable (length 940 mm)
Color: gray - RAL 7035 ESD 103 - 109 ohm
Power consumption: max. 1000 W, average 330 W
Power supply: 230 V
Optional accessories:
Additional shelf: 8106.840
ESD wheel set: 8106.850
Alarm box: 8104.856
Aluminum tray holder: 8104.866

MONITORING SYSTEM: To monitor the proper functioning of the cabinet, it includes a portable device DryLogger 9265.302. This device has data logging functions and LogManager software for downloading, displaying, analyzing and managing collected humidity and temperature data. The device is removable and can be used to measure humidity at various locations inside the cabinet, or it can also be used to measure the environment or other applications.

Humidity range: 1 - 95% Rh
Resolution: 0.1% Rh
Accuracy: +/- 2% Rh
Temperature range: -20 ° C - + 60 ° C
Resolution: 0.1 ° C
Accuracy: +/- 1 ° C
Memory: 64 KB
Sampling: 21600 pairs of RH and T can be set to 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 s and 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 min
Connection: RS232, USB
Software: LogManager for Windows 10/7 / Vista / XP / 2000
LCD display: 48 x 11 mm
Dimensions: 184 x 67 x44mm
Weight: 320 g

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